Wendy Lund

Curriculum Vitae

Wendy Lund Curriculum Vitae

Educational Background and Training

University of Colorado, Boulder Colorado, 1969-1973  BFA

Divine Light Mission Boulder Colorado, San Francisco California 1978-1985

Certified as Neuro-Linguistic Professional (NLP) 1985

Certified Hypnotherapist 1986

Core Beliefs, Leslie Camron Bandler  1986

Neuro Linguistic Programing, John Grinder 1986

Neuro Associative Conditioning, Anthony Robbins, Trainer and instructor of Trainers 1985 to 1993

Hospice Bereavement Training 1990

Physiological Basis of Educational Kinesiology 1995

Energy Psychology Training, E.F.T., The Center for Enlightened Partnerships, 2000

Intuitive Training Program / Spiritual Counselor Order of the Ascended Rose 1999-2001

Applied Psycho Neurology, Dietrich Klinghardt 2002

Ministerial Training Order of the Ascended Rose 2001-2002

Systemic Constellation Work, Orders of Life Association, Heinz Stark 2002-2003

Origin Healing Work, Ulrich Bold 2002-2003

Systemic Constellation Work, Bert Hellinger 2002, 2003

BodyTalk Modules 1 and 2, Melanie Buzac, 2003, 2004

Seemorg Matrix Basic Seminar 2004

Seemorg Matrix Work Presence June 2004

Lymph Drainage Therapy Levels one and two, The Upledger Institute, 2004

Seemorg Matrix Work Depths Feb 2005

BodyMind Psychotherapy I, II, and III 2005

Seemorg Matrix Work Chronicity I October 2005

Principles and Practice of Bert Hellinger’s Family Constellation Work, Mark Wolynn, 2006-2007

Family Constellations and their Contribution to Health, Bert Hellinger 2007

Matrix Energetics Levels One , Two and Three 2007

Total Transformation Toolkit with Ishmael Tetteh 2008

The Journey work of Brandon Bays 2008

Heart Intelegence One to One Coaching with Christian Pankhurst 2013-2014

Heart Intelegence Small Group Leadership with Christian Pankhurst 2014