About Us

Healing Partnership is an integrated natural health center that has grown out of the shared vision of myself, Dr. Bryan Stern, and my beautiful wife and partner, Wendy Lund. Our vision is to provide health care that has the potential to deeply transform – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Sure, we very often treat acute symptoms. And sometimes a back ache is nothing more than a structural imbalance. Or a flu is simply a bug we picked up when our immune system was down. These cases usually respond quite rapidly.

However, the majority of patients that we see have chronic and often complex symptomology. A detailed and multifaceted diagnosis must explore many possible areas of imbalance. The sequential steps which lead from health to minor ailments to chronic conditions can be logically identified and treated.

Illness begins as we lose our capacity to regulate (or adapt) to a wide variety of internal, environmental and lifestyle factors. The internal terrain of the body involves a complex biochemistry that needs to be in delicate balance so that pathogenic microbes cannot proliferate and lead to numerous conditions. Toxic accumulations from heavy metals, environmental toxins or free radicals can cause blockages leading to disruption of normal function. Musculoskeletal injuries or postural trauma can lead to neurological dysfunction and deeper internal conditions. Deep-seated psychological traumas may underlie chronic illness patterns.

The list of causal or contributing factors goes on and on. It is our job, our training to identify and help correct all facets of biological and psychological disorders. To this end, we utilize a wide variety of diagnostic and treatment methods. My primary focus is on discovering the underlying physical causes of illness while Wendy’s emphasis is on the psychospiritual dimension. Together, we work to help remove the physical and emotional blockages to self-healing and to mobilize the regenerative powers within each of us.

We hope you enjoy our web site and find useful information and inspiration in your pursuit of health.

Dr Bryan Stern and Wendy Lund