Bryan Stern L.Ac.

Curriculum Vitae

Bryan Stern L.Ac. Curriculum Vitae


Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, Bachelor of Arts, (Pre-Medicine, Psychology, Religion), 1967-1974
Life Chiropractic College, Marietta, GA, 1978-1980
Southeastern School of Naturopathic Medicine, Atlanta, GA, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, 1978-1980
Asian-American Medical University, San Diego, CA 1984
California Acupuncture College, San Diego, CA, 1984-1986
Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego, CA, 1987-1988

Professional Affiliations and Training

Sacro-Occipital Research Foundation, Omaha, Nebraska. Advanced studies in structural therapeutics and cranial therapy, 1977-1979
Occidental Institute Research Foundation, Penticton, B.C. Research Associate, Advanced Studies in German Biological Medicine. 1979-present
Hans Brugemann Institute, Starnberg, Germany. Advanced studies in Electromagnetic Field Therapies, 1985
Vegatest and Photon Resonance Testing, Advanced Bio-electronic Diagnosis. Dr. H. Schimmel, 1983-2005
MAYR-Cure, Biological detoxification, Certification. Dr. H. Havemann , 1988
Vector Point Cranial Therapies, Dr. D. Denton, 1991-1993.
Contact Reflex Analysis, Dr. D. Versendahl, 1990-1999
Neuro Emotional Technique, Dr. S. Walker, 1990-1997
Pacific Symposium of Oriental Medicine, San Diego, CA, 1992-1999
Functional Endocrinology, Brain Chemistry and Blood Chemistry, Advanced Studies, D. Kharrazian, 2003-present
American Academy of Neural Therapy, 1999-2003
California Acupuncture Association, Professional Affiliate
American Acupuncture Council, Professional Affiliate
Advanced Studies in Quantum Neurology, Dr. George Gonzalez, 2004-present

Professional Experience

Private Practice, Atlanta, GA, 1979-1983
California Clinic of Preventive Medicine, Staff Physician, Del Mar, CA, 1983-1985
Center for Total Health, Private Practice, Solana Beach, CA, 1985-1986
P. Mandel Clinic, Clinical Internship, Bruchsal, Germany, 1986
Institute of Energetic Studies, Director, Solana Beach, CA, 1985-1987, sponsored research, seminars and symposia focusing on different aspects of Bio-Electronic Medicine and Holistic Health
Institute of Energetic Medicine, Director and Founder, Solana Beach, CA, 1986-1989, a clinical facility and research center including over two dozen physicians and support staff focusing
California Center for the Healing Arts, Private Practice, Cardiff, CA, 1988-2004, specializing in biological medicine, acupuncture, injury rehabilitation, clinical nutrition, allergies, digestive disturbances and detoxification
Healing Partnership, Private Practice, 2004-Present, specializing in Structural Therapeutics and Clinical Nutrition

Bryan Stern L.Ac.