Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Health

Wendy LundPhysical issues always have an emotional or energetic component, just as unresolved emotional issues result in physical health issues. The body, mind and spirit are inextricably connected and affect each other. The parts of the brain that signal physical pain are the same as those that are activated when we have emotional pain.

We find the greatest success with patients when they are willing to look at more than just the physical body. It is well known that stress affects health. We must overcome the stigma around seeking help for emotional pain, stress and depression. There is an epidemic of depression and anxiety in young adults, they need education and support to find their way forward.

Each person is as unique in their mental, emotional and spiritual makeup as they are physically. Just as with physical symptoms we need to partner in exploring what is beneath the surface. You may feel unseen and unheard, as if no one really knows who you are. Do you feel separate and alone even when you are with people? Do you feel there is something missing in your life? There is nothing wrong with you. Everyone needs to feel connected, to be recognized for who they are, to know they belong to and contribute to something greater.

It is possible to experience a connection with others that is healthy and nourishing to your soul. It begins with having a nourishing connection with yourself. We are not taught how to do this. There are a wealth of methods that work. Together we can find the internal strength and purpose that will open the path to a connected and joy filled life.

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