The 8th Dimension

Wendy Lund

I have immersed myself in Family Constellation work since 2002 because I love being aware of the Amplified Field. Bert Hellinger, the originator of Family Constellation work, calls this the Knowing Field. Together we create an opening to an other worldly awareness of the spirit of our ancestors, our families and the world. A place we are all connected in love. A place we all know we are connected and life or death is not a factor. Everyone belongs there. Feelings and profound information can be shared when we open our awareness to that place. I say place, but “place” is just a way of talking about it, because my sense is that it is boundless and timeless and pervades and includes all that is. I could call it heaven, it feels like heaven, it feels like it is above us, but “heaven” triggers too many limited pictures and ideas, most especially the idea someone could be excluded. I have decided to call it the 8th dimension because when I asked internally “what is this?” the answer that came was, “The 8th dimension”. After this happened several times, I decided to Google it.

In physics the 8th dimension contains all other dimensions, therefore including everything. In medieval numerology 8 signifies eternity or infinity, which leads to the next life. The Buddhists speak of the eightfold path to enlightenment. In Christian numerology 888 represents Christ or Christ the redeemer. In Chinese numerology 888 signifies sudden fortune or prosperity (3x prosperity: wealthy, wealthy, wealthy). Dan Siegel a neurobiologist speaks about the 8th sense which is our perception of our interconnectedness with others.

What amplifies our awareness of this place of connection?

  • Safety
  • Intention
  • Stillness and silence
  • Present moment awareness or mindfulness
  • Deep connection to one another
  • Vulnerability and honesty
  • Being physically, emotionally and energetically aware
  • Inviting in the ancestors, this is their realm
  • Connecting with Nature
  • Practice

Safety comes first. We need to create a space where we feel safe enough to let down the barriers that keep us separate from one another.

Our ancestors explored the physical world. Most came from Europe or Africa or other far away places. We inherit that desire to see what is around the next corner, to go where no man has gone before. I want to explore the 8th dimension. To be aware of the field that includes everything. I would like companions on the journey. I already have some, but I am hoping you will join me.

The 8th dimension can be accessed in group work or individual work. Amplified awareness can happen “when two or more are gathered” in stillness with present moment awareness.