Wendy’s Journey

Wendy Lund

I have always been interested in the essence beneath the surface. I loved but struggled with the loss of love and my own thoughts and feelings.

In 1970 I decided to search for a spiritual teacher to guide me to true love. I found Prem Rawat, he taught me how to access the truth and profound peace inside and opened my heart. Still my mind and emotions stormed on the surface.

In 1985, I began working as a hypnotherapist seeking to explore the unknown causes of our struggle. I studied Neuro Linguistic Programming with John Grinder and Richard Bandler, the founders of that movement. I also studied with Tony Robbins and worked for many years with him as a master trainer.

In my private practice and in trainings, people would come to me complaining of an inability to be, do or feel what they wanted in their lives. This ongoing sense of inability was highlighted and reinforced by events in the present. These events were part of a bigger pattern. What was happening in the present had happened, not just once before, but often many times in different ways. However, the pattern would often remain unrecognized. When we are in the middle of a pattern, deeply absorbed in the drama of our lives, it is hardest to see.

A new vantage point can allow the pattern(s) to be seen and understood. When we guide the client back in time and uncover the original event, the foundation of the pattern, a new awareness blossoms. The old events can be integrated and released.
Training with Asha Clinton, the founder of Advanced Integrative Therapy, I learned a very effective method to guide my clients even further back into their lives, often to their birth and prenatal experience, to release the foundation of a pattern. Patterns often begin prior to birth.

In 2002, I began my study of Family Constellation Work (also known as Family Systems Work) originated by Bert Hellinger. Hellinger, a German therapist and ex-Anglican priest spent his life observing family customs and structures. It became very clear in studying this work, that patterns that began in prior generations were actually inherited by us, along with our DNA. In the past couple of years science has begun to catch up with his observations. The field of study is called epigenetics. When the events and emotional patterns of our ancestors are not integrated in their lifetime, they are passed on to us. Whatever we take on serves to connect us with those who came before us. If we are not connected consciously by life and love we will be connected unconsciously by anxiety, depression or anger.

Many clients have physical issues that will not resolve with physical treatment alone. This led me to study two very effective methods, The Journey created by Brandon Bays and Body-Mind Work developed by Penelope Young.

The Journey addresses physical issues and uses the body’s wisdom to discover what events have been stored at the cellular level and provides a path to freedom and love.

With Body-Mind work, I lead my clients into an experience of total presence with their body. This often begins with feeling discomfort or pain that eventually leads to a physical and spiritual experience of bliss and unity.

In 2012, I began an intensive two year training in Heart Intelligence, developed by Christian Pankhurst. Heart IQ™ is the art of feeling more joy in life through the process of accepting who you are, as you are, without making yourself wrong. Beginning what you are feeling in the present we find our way to what you truly want in life, what is in the way and how to navigate towards your heart’s longing.

I have come full circle to realize that connection with the peace inside is essential for living in joy. With the assistance of real time brain scanning and crowd sourcing it has become clear to neuroscientists that present moment awareness is essential for peace and happiness.

I mention these methods individually because I am deeply grateful to these teachers who have shared their wisdom with me. Over the years, these techniques have intertwined and evolved to become my own. All of them are valuable. They are uniquely integrated in each session, to help bring my clients more fully into the present moment in their body, while simultaneously integrating key feelings and events that occurred in the past.

Liberation and happiness require embracing “all that is”. When we put up barriers of fear or rejection the natural course of integration ceases. Whatever we reject or judge remains trapped in our field and in our cells causing pain and grief until we can allow it to be part of us. When we do, it becomes a source of strength and joy rather than an obstacle.

Together, we can find the hidden love at the foundation of our unwanted feelings and behaviors. We can love our ‘whole self’ and from that place enjoy our lives and forge relationships that last.