Benefits of Group Work

Wendy Lund



Group or individual Work

There is a choice of working individually or in a group. This page is about group work, please read “Benefits of individual work” to determine which is a better fit for you at this point in your journey. Each has its benefits. Different people have different preferences, and some like both. The important thing is that you come home to who you truly are, a loving presence. What is exciting is that the road is always before us, always evolving. Every day can be better than the day before as we become aware of who we are.

Why Group Work

Why would you want to come and bare your soul in front of a group of people?

Because you will be seen, heard, felt and ultimately loved. You could come to me individually but your mind could play tricks on you. Your mind could tell you that I am special and even though I love you with all your stuff, others will not. The thought is a lie. It is not true but the feelings it causes are real. Others will love you. Well, maybe not all of them at first. Some of them have hidden what they believe is bad inside, so effectively that the only place they can see the “bad” is in others. You may be a mirror for them and they will dislike the part of themself they see in you, the part they reject in themselves. You may see how wonderful and kind everyone is, that’s your reflection. If this occurs it is likely you have not acknowledged or accepted how wonderful and kind you are. It is scary and exciting to come together in a group, everyone becomes more aware. An amplified field is created where everyone feels more, what has been hidden comes to the surface.

What happens when we get together with the intention of becoming more aware is miraculous, magical. All of your parts, especially the ones you want to hide will be on display. Others in the group will represent them. In the end if you can accept yourself fully and others can accept themselves fully we end up loving each other. We feel seen and heard and received in a deeper way than we have before. We could even end up loving ourselves.

The 8th Dimension

I have immersed myself in Family Constellation work since 2002 because I love being aware of the Amplified Field. Hellinger calls this the Knowing Field. Together we create an opening to an other worldly awareness of the spirit of our ancestors our families and the world. It is as if a place exists that we are all connected in love. A place we all know we are connected and life or death is not a factor. Everyone belongs there. Feelings and profound information can be shared when we open our awareness to that place. I say place, but “place” is just a way of talking about it, because my sense is that it is boundless and timeless and pervades and includes all that is. I have decided to call it the 8th dimension for lack of a better term. I could call it heaven, it feels like heaven, it feels like it is above us, but that word triggers too many limited pictures and ideas.

The 8th dimension can be accessed in group work or individual work. Amplified awareness happens “when two or more are gathered” in stillness with present moment awareness.